Jiffy Admin Module(JAM) is a UI portal developed for easy management of all admin activities in Jiffy application.  JAM can be accessed at Jiffy URL with port as 9002(default). The JAM functionalities are segregated into multiple modules

  1. Dashboard
  2. Jiffy Admin
    • Jiffy Server
    • Jiffy Service admin
    • Jiffy Service Manager
  3. Deployment
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Patch Deployment
  4. Reports
    • Logs
    • Jiffy User session
  5. Settings


Dashboard has three sections which gives details about Jiffy application, Jiffy server and Disk usage.

  1. Following informations of Jiffy and other mandatory applications used by Jiffy like Nginx, RabitMQ and Crontab
    • Current  Version of application
    • Application Link
    • Current Status (active/Inactive)
  2. Following informations about Jiffy server
    • Jiffy Uptime
    • System load
    • RAM Used/Available
  3. Disk Usage – display the current disk usage for Jiffy

Jiffy Admin

This has three sub modules,

  1. Jiffy Server – The below actions are present in this module.
    • Option to Start/Stop Jiffy application -  User has the option to start/stop the Jiffy application. When the Jiffy application status is INACTIVE in Dashboard, the START button will be active. User can click on the START button to start application. Similarly, if the application is currently ACTIVE, user will have an option to Stop the same.
    • Lists the status of all Jiffy processes – Lists all Jiffy processes which are currently running.

  2. Jiffy Service Admin - All the actions related to Jiffy service can be done here.
    • This tab will show the list of services which are currently running (only those are triggered from JAM). Column Runtype will update based on how many are controlled by Jiffy service Manager(MANAGED) and How many are not controlled by Jiffy service manager(STANDALONE)
    • User has the option to start/stop  Jiffy services
    • Users can add new configurations (new Jiffy service ) with all required parameters. User will be able to add new configuration only for the windows clients added under Settings>Configurations
      • Click on ADD button
      • Provide the below details
      • For example
  3. Jiffy Service Manger - This is the UI for Jiffy service manager. It will list all the active (running) services which are currently managed by Jiffy service manager and the status of each service.  Only two statuses are present
    • WAITING – the service is active and available for a new task
    • RUNNING -  the service is currently performing some task


  1. Upload
    • To upload files to Jiffy server location.
    • For example
  2. Download
    • To download files from Jiffy server location
  3. Patch Deployment
    • To perform patch deployment. The files for deployment can be loaded using Upload option and all the files loaded will be displayed in the drop down for user to select and perform the actions provided by Jiffy IT team.
    • For example


The below details can be viewed here,

  1. Logs
    • User can view all the Jiffy logs here. User will be given with options to select log name from the drop down. Also the number of lines to be retrieved can be given with any of the below option
      • Last ( latest N lines from the log)
      • Search (All lines which has the given search keyword)
      • Lines ( user can provide the line range , for eg. 10-20)
  2. Jiffy User session
    • This gives the list of users logged in, how many sessions are started by each user


This has all the configurations . The windows client configurations where Jiffy services needs to be  executed can be viewed here. These will be automatically captured by Jiffy service admin and user need not update manually.